It is the first step towards briding the gap and constructing a plateform for the students who  preparing and studying


We all know that the performance of most of the good students are disappointing in their XI-XII Board and IIt-JEE Entrance Test.

Most of the meritorious students are facing a huge conceptual leap from their class X Board syllabus and for the first time get confused , knowing not how actually to cope with the level of higher concepts that the XI-XII & IIT-JEE ask.

Keeping in  mind this particular dilemma of the XI-XII & IIT- JEE aspirants, this course has been conceived ,which intends to give the students a run of those basic concepts  and fundamentals which are essential to make a solid foundation to take on the higher concepts of IIT-JEE and XI-XII Board. 


The delivery of different volumes of Essential Math is allowed only in a sequence i.e one by one. Under no circumstances the second volume will be delivered before completing the the first volume so that the students gradually get upgraded with the different volumes in a preplanned way and so on. 


All the different volumes of Essential Math is absolutely free for each and every student enrolled in any one of our complete course or smart course.It will be delivered time to time as per their need in different topics.

Duration - 24  Hours   @ Rs 2100/ 


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