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Prepare XI-XII & JEE Math at Your Home-on Your Time in Digital but Offline Mode

Be the Master of Fundamental of XI-XII & JEE Math  before  Your  Class in Your School 


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in digital but Offline Mode by Jairam Sir 

Video lectures by Jairam Sir will supplement you at your home to make you the master of topic before the class. It will connect the students at first and clear the basics and fundamental of subject in depth, then our main focus is on the practice of different type of questions and develop the problem solving skill among the students.

Video Lectures

Anytime : Make your own time-table as per your convenience.

Anywhere : You can study in the comfort of your homes.

Best Teacher : You are watching the videos of best teacher undoubtedly.

Revision Option : You can revise your video lectures with more individual attention

Resume & Pause control : You can pause your video when when required.

Digital Benefits

We have computer based test series in offline mode with timer option , skip question , score display , re-take test features and complete step by step solutions  to  all  the  questions. It  will  be very - very  helpful  for  those  students who  has  to  appear  in  different  online test  in  near future  which  is  commom nowadays.

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Our Video Lectures are password protected. It will run only on Windows Platform i.e.It will work only on Computer  or Laptop with Minimum 1 GB RAM and 80 GB hard-disk with Dual Core and above processor.We donot provide it for android or any other platform except Windows.