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Dear Students,

Hundreds of online courses  are available on google and thousands of videos are available on YouTube for different topics of XI-XII & IIT-JEE Mathematics but it is the fact that rare of these video are competent to make student confident on the topic.These videos lectures are just informative based on some formulae and basic tricks.They don't go in the depth of topic.They don't try to create the interest in the subject among the students.They are totally focused on their business branding or to increase the number of views. That's why they are unable to connect the student with their courses and capture hardly 2 to 3 percent of  students in education sector.

In this digital world , everything is possible , you will find something different - something unique - game changer in the video lectures by Jairam Sir for different topics of Essential Math for XI-XII & IIT-JEE . It will connect you with the topic at first and clear the basics and fundamental of subject in-depth, then our main focus is on the practice of different type of questions and develop the problem solving skill in you .

Just watch the videos cost @ Rs 1 for Essential Math and Join Mathom - A School of Math for complete course of  XI-XII & IIT-JEE Math.  

Jairam Sir , Mathom - A School of Math

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